Well here we go!

Last night, as I watched my son sleep (In his crib for the first time- he did great!), I began my journey into applying to vet school! First of all I never realized just how long the application was, and secondly there are so many supplemental applications for the colleges I’m applying for.

Here are the colleges I’m applying for:

  1. Colorado State University
  2. Cornell University
  3. Michigan State University
  4. Oklahoma State University
  5. Tufts University
  6. University of Illinois
  7. University of Pennsylvania
  8. Washington State University

The reason I chose these 8 schools is because many of them have zoological and wildlife programs as their residency and internship years. My dream is to be able to get into such a program so I can specialize in wildlife.

It is so scary to finally be doing the application that will determine my future! I pray that I can get into at least one of these amazing schools and be able to start next fall.

With this new venture I have to look back on why I wanted to become a vet in the first place. I could give the common reason that I love animals and want to help them, but it’s much more than that. If you’ve read the post where I explain my story you will see I do have a history of mental illness as well as some medical issues. In my house currently we have three dogs and three cats, but one two instances with my animals are truly why I wish to become a vet. I’m going to copy my essay I wrote when I applied for another program a few months ago, I hope this explains it well!


“Since I was a small child my home has always been filled with the love and joy that animals provide for those that care for them. We had a variety of animals that many didn’t understand, ranging from cats, dogs, ferrets, guinea pigs, snails, birds, and a few hamsters in between. I loved being surrounded by these animals, caring for these animals, and most importantly watching how they truly cared about me and my safety. When I was sixteen years old I was given an option to either have a Sweet Sixteen or to receive a dachshund puppy. Well there was no doubt in my mind which I would choose, and four days past my sixteenth birthday I went and picked up my eight week old bundle of energy who would be not only be my best friend, but my best protector. At sixteen I was struck with a terrible illness that took over every aspect of my life, and throughout this entire illness my dachshund never once left my side. He slept with me, licked my eyes when I cried to try and make it better, and whined every time he felt that something was even a bit off about my mood that day. If he thought someone would harm me he barked, if he thought they were good he’d show so by giving them a large amount of kisses. It amazed me how this small five pound puppy could show such courage and love for it’s owner.


A few years down the road we received a new puppy. A little German Shepherd, Mastiff, Rottweiler mix that weighed about the same as a newborn baby. A week into the new arrival my new little puppy was stricken with parvo, which for him was almost a death sentence. When we took him to the vet she told us that we might as well get a refund because he wasn’t going to make it through the night.



I was not only appalled by her attitude towards the situation, but my heart was almost broken that our new baby wouldn’t make it through another few days of life.  Thankfully the receptionist gave us the name of a center that took in very sick dogs and did everything in their power to make them better. The unfortunate side was that this place ran about $2,000 a night. Our puppy was there for two nights, but on the third day we couldn’t do it anymore, it was becoming too expensive. One of the main reasons why I want to be a vet in the first place is because of the man who took care of my sick little puppy. He told us that he would discharge the puppy at six p.m., the latest he could stay, so that we didn’t have to pay for another day, but keep him until midnight that evening so that our puppy could receive as much care as he could before he went home. That man saved my now 100lb dog.



I want to learn the various aspects of medicine that go into treating not only sick domestic animals, but also the wildlife so many can be afraid of. Animals are these amazing creatures who learn to love in ways so many humans do not understand. I want to be able one day to not only save as many as I can, but to show people the love an animal can truly bring. I had never known unconditional love until I had pets, and I would be determined as a vet to do anything in my power to make sure no owner lost that love.”

Some people don’t understand animals. I know many were wary when we brought my son home to a house that had not only one, but three dogs. It’s truly beautiful to witness these animals care and protect my little man. Of course they are always supervised, but I have no reason to believe they’d ever harm him. I hope one day people no longer have this large misconception of animals.

If anyone who has been through the vet school process has any advice I would be so thrilled to hear!

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